Design board approves new mural at DB's Cheesesteaks at new location in Avondale

Design board approves new mural at DB's Cheesesteaks at new location in Avondale
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The new mural at DB's Cheesesteaks in Avondale has been the center of talk in West Ashley.

You can spot the bright orange octopus and green horse on a pink background if you're riding by on Savannah Highway.

The property owner didn't ask for design approval from the city before the mural went up, but Charleston's Design Review Board has now given its approval after Monday's meeting.

The owners made one adjustment to the mural ahead of the meeting that could have been the reason why the mural was approved.

The owner of DB's Cheeseteaks, Hoagies and more,  Danny Bailey is bringing his steak and hoagie rolls straight out of Philadelphia to Avondale. When he moved to this new location he had an idea.

He asked his landlord, "How do you feel about putting a mural seeing that there's other murals through the Avondale region."

The landlord said yes.

"I talked with a buddy of mine, I let him freelance what he wanted to do and just made it happen," Bailey said.

This mural was done but one step was missing. Businesses in the commercial district of Charleston must have city approval before moving forward with murals or signs, that's according to the city's planning director Jacob Lindsey.

"Including the name of the business in the mural makes the mural a sign," Lindsey said.

That's how the mural was initially done. Just earlier in the day on Monday the horse was not there. In its place were the initials "DB."

City officials say most businesses are limited to one sign, unless given permission for more. The mural as it was before could have been considered a sign.

"Growing up in the Philadelphia area they obviously spend millions of dollars to do massive murals on buildings so I just kind of like the twist because it reminds me of back home," Bailey said.

But that's not the only twist, DB's Cheesesteaks fell with the economy and fell harder in 2011.

"We kind of closed up shop," he said.

Now they're back to business opening for the first time in years just last weekend.

"Every since we've got here it's been a blessing in disguise," Bailey said.

But it was the disguise where the horse is now pictured that will let them keep the new look and now new hope in the food business.

While some wish the mural looked different, many residents in the area like it the way it is.

Amanda Smith lives in the Avondale area. She says the murals in the area have increased the value of her home.

"It's great to have a piece of art right there at the entrance to the neighborhood and it matches with other murals," Smith said.

The design review board handles murals on a case by case basis.

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