Police: Murder victim calls 911 before he dies

Walters. (Source: Goose Creek Police Department)
Walters. (Source: Goose Creek Police Department)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Goose Creek Police say a man who was stabbed called 911 right before he died.

On Wednesday, police charged 27-year old Erica Jean Walters with murder in the death 53-year old Chicoba Crabtree.

Police say the incident happened Tuesday at Crabtree's apartment at 100 Hallmark Drive.

"I've been stabbed, hurry please, I've been stabbed, help me," Crabtree is heard telling the operator during the 911 call.

Crabtree is heard giving the operator his address.

"Is the other person there," the operator responds.

Crabtree didn't respond to the question.

"Mr. Crabtree can you hear me, where were you stabbed at," she asks.

Again, there was no response from Crabtree.

"Mr. Crabtree can you hear the police," the operator asked.

Crabtree did not respond.

According to the incident report, the suspect Walters flagged down officers outside the apartment.

She told the officers she had just been kidnapped, beaten and raped.

The report states officers observed fresh blood on her jacket.

Officers said Walters "appeared to be in a panic," but said she was fine and to check on "him."

Police say Walters asked to be evaluated for possible injuries and was transported to MUSC.

Officers went into the apartment and found Crabtree on the couch.

According to the report, there was blood along his neckline and he was holding what appeared to be a breathing tube.

The report states a neighbor told officers she heard Walters and Crabtree in "a loud and verbal dispute" between noon and 1 p.m.

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