Babies born at same hospital bear names of star-crossed lovers

Babies born at same hospital bear names of star-crossed lovers
(Source: Cassie Clayshulte Photography)
(Source: Cassie Clayshulte Photography)

HARDEEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - All by coincidence, a pair of infants born 18 hours apart at a Lowcountry hospital bear the names of star-crossed lovers.

Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed baby Romeo Sunday at 2 p.m. at Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville.

As fate would have it, baby Juliet was welcomed by parents Christiana Shifflett and Allan Umana at the same hospital the following morning.

Hospital spokeswoman Carolyn Grant says the moms and babies ended up in rooms next to each other in the postpartum unit after giving birth.

Both babies were originally due March 27 but were delivered early by the same doctor.

Carolyn says both sets of parents, who didn't know each other, had the names chosen well in advance. Both sets drew inspiration from Hollywood.

Romeo was named after Latin singer Romeo Santos. His parents selected the name two years ago when they were attempting to conceive.

The Umanas chose the name Juliet several months ago, inspired by the character Juliet "Jules" on the TV series Psych.

Romeo's middle name is Arcangel, and Juliet's is Evangeline.

Notice another similarity? Both names contain the word "angel."

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