Men's Final Four Gamecock gear hits stores in Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Gamecock fans are relishing in their latest victory over the weekend in men's basketball.

Stores all over the Lowcountry have already received shipments on brand new Final Four t-shirts.

Palmetto Moon is just one store that caters to USC fans.

Managers say they've already sold a ton of shirts online and in stores.

"We watched some sales from last week with Sweet 16 and it's been a fantastic sell through, more than we even expected," said Director of Stores Josh Guthrie. "We planned last week for what would happen if they won, and we've got a lot of great apparel, t-shirts, head ware coming in this week."

Guthrie said there will be four different kinds of shirts and three hats to choose from for the Final Four gear.

"Each round of basketball is just a new round of excitement; new round of posts we can promote." said Darren Callihan, a marketing employee. "We have a lot of good engagement with our customers, through Facebook and Instagram mainly."

Management is also watching the Women's Basketball Elite Eight game Monday to see how they do.

"We have some generic basketball shirts that we haven't had before, so we're looking forward to experimenting with it," Callihan said. "We want to showcase support for both men and women."

South Carolina Men's Basketball faces Gonzaga University Saturday night.

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