Citing ongoing pest issues, CofC temporarily closes another campus restaurant

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The College of Charleston announced the temporary closure of a second dining facility Tuesday, citing ongoing pest issues.

"I was not too surprised," student William Blanchett said. "In fact everyone I talked to said they should have closed Bistro earlier because they share the same space as Chick-fil-A."

An email sent to students and faculty Tuesday from Director of Environmental Health and Safety Randy Beaver said the City Bistro dining hall would close at 5 p.m. for pest control. The student eatery is located in Berry Residence Hall on the corner of St. Philip and Calhoun, the same building where a Chick-fil-A was closed last week due to rodent infestation.

"We all knew they were connected by a door and rats can get through crevices smaller there that," Brittnany Graham, a freshman, said. "I didn't eat there almost all week."

The email says the college has recently started undergoing several repairs to dining facilities on campus to address the problem.

The school says rodents have been a common and longstanding issue in downtown Charleston, but the increased pest problem may be related to major flooding events over the past couple of years.

All other dining facilities are open to students, Beaver said. Other places to eat include Liberty St. Fresh Food Company, Stern Center Food Court and the newly opened Marty's Place.

City Bistro opened to students in October 2011.

According to a March 22 report from the S.C. Department of Health (DHEC), the Chick-fil-A was cited last week for multiple holes in the wall and ceiling. Investigators also observed pest droppings. The chain was set to re-open March 27 but was observed closed Wednesday.

Both City Bistro and Chick-fil-A, which are rated by DHEC together for their shared location, were given an A/93 rating. A follow up visit is scheduled for March 31, per the report.

The college released the following statement Thursday to City Bistro closing:
 "The College of Charleston continues to address a pest issue affecting its campus dining facilities on the ground floor of Berry Residence Hall. Last week, work crews did repairs to eliminate intrusion points in City Bistro and adjacent locations. This week, the College fully closed both of Berry's dining facilities in order to allow work crews more time and access to complete renovations. The College understands that this temporary closure may be an inconvenience; however, our utmost priority is the safety and wellness of our campus community. Our expectation is to reopen both facilities by Friday morning."

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