Air Force Explosives teams to take on Bridge Run in bomb suit

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of special servicemen will pound the pavement during Saturday's Bridge Run to raise awareness about a job with little room for failure.

Take a walk through Joint Base Charleston's Explosive Ordnance shop and you will find a mind-bending display of old, inert explosives. It helps keep the squad of nearly 20 sharp.

"We're training, getting ready to go, being at 100 percent at all times," Staff Sgt. Kyle Bushey said.

They are trained to detonate, disarm and dispose of explosives. In this career, there is little room for fear, which might explain why a few will take on the Bridge Run while wearing a 75-pound bomb suit.

"Normally when you're in that suit your walking slowly, you're being methodical. Now you're trying to run in it, it's a little different," Bushey said.

A team of eight will run the 10K together. Two are designated for support. The other six will trade off legs of the race, strapping in and out of one suit.

"Yeah, it's definitely going to be sweaty. We're all going to be sweating in it together so it's nothing," Airman Dillon Babb said.

To prepare for the course, they lift weights and jog inside the suit.

"It chafes in different places," Bushey said. "It rubs, it wears your knees out, wears your shoulders out it's definitely something you have to prepare for."

Wearing the suit while running the bridge will be a battle, they all admit. But the relay team says when things get tough, they'll think about the men and women who wear it every day and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"The least we can do is go out, try our best out and improve ourselves so we can do better in our job too," Babb said.

This will be the third year the unit will run the Cooper River Bridge Run.

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