Development coming to West Ashley Circle

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Design Review Board is moving forward with site plans for a retail center and apartment complex for the West Ashley Circle area.

However Design plans are still in the works for both sites and construction can begin only after design approval which could take some time.

The apartment complex is farther along in the approval process.

Brandy Brown lives in West Ashley.

"I like West Ashley it's a good neighborhood," Brown said.

It's an area that keeps on growing. A Harris Teeter is also coming to the area in addition to the retail center and multi-family homes.

Catherine Arnot lives on Edisto Island but comes to West Ashley to shop.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful and I think it's about time to go with other major stores that we have," Arnot said. "I come to town often, I patronize these stores I will be here."

It's exciting for many to have more grocery store selections and shopping options but even for those who welcome it there are still some concerns like traffic.

Danielle Green lives on Johns Island.

"It's busy already and it's just going to keep developing more and more," Green said. "It's just going to bring a lot of people here."

Brown is also worried about traffic.

"My mom is a bus driver, I think it will be congested a little bit more, but other than that I think it's pretty good," Brown said.

The 195-unit apartment complex would be built on Floyd Avenue off Bees Ferry Road near a loop of the West Ashley Circle.

The shopping center would be located right next to the Harris Teeter near Grand Oaks Boulevard, a residential area.

Mitch Carnell has seen the changes West Ashley has been through over the last 40 years.

"I think it's exciting, I think it will cause more congestion, but it's good for business and that's what we need to make it as convenient for shoppers as possible," Carnell said.

The shopping center will also be pedestrian and biker friendly.

Another concern that people have is flooding issues in the area. These new developments are not in the 100-year flood plane.

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