Tree crashes through home in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Rain, wind, and hail ripped through the Lowcountry Monday evening, leaving a trail of downed power lines and trees.

Michael and Sierra Strohm were about to head out to their porch to watch the storms pass when they had an unexpected visitor. A tree uprooted and crashed through their roof right into their master bedroom. The incident happened around 5 p.m., according to the homeowners.

"The tree smashed it all down," Michael Strohm said. "It came fast and ended quickly."

As Strohm headed out to the porch, he heard a loud crash.

"All I heard was screaming from her because she was still in the bedroom," he said. "God forbid if anything happened to her. You've got the bed right here with all the drywall and framework sitting on top of it."

Fortunately, no one was injured.

A huge tree now rests on half of what's left of a door, after destroying the rest of the room.

"[The tree] took out the roof, the back wall, the rafters, everything," Strohm said. "The tree's being held up by just the closet door, the windows."

The couple had already been fixing up the home. Now, they expect their renovations will take a little longer.

"Replaced all the floors, the hallway, the living room. We were trying to fix it up to sell," he said.

The Strohms have already contacted their insurance company and have a representative coming down to survey the damage Tuesday.

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