Suspect arrested after officer involved shooting asks for low bond so he can attend mom's wedding

Lesol Brown (Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)
Lesol Brown (Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)
Kamal Backman (Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)
Kamal Backman (Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One of the two men arrested last Thursday in connection with a downtown officer-involved shooting made an unusual request of a bond judge Friday.

Lesol Brown is charged with armed robbery and Kamal Backman is charged as an accessory after the robbery, according to court documents.

Brown's bail was set at $100,000. As of Monday, he's still in jail.

Backman, who turned 20 Friday, told the judge he is on probation, apologized to the victim and asked for a low bond because he hoped to attend his mother's wedding.

"I would like if you please consider sir, if you can just give me a low bond because my mother's wedding, it is tomorrow and my birthday is today," he said. "So I just really want to be there for my mom."

Backman also told the judge he was not involved in the robbery.

"I didn't have anything to do with this situation, wrong timing sir. I want to apologize for putting everybody through the situation right here," Backman said.

After Backman's grandmother and other family members spoke on his behalf, the judge set Backman's bail at $10,000.

Police said they spotted a man matching the robber's description standing next to a car in a John Street parking lot. Police say the man got into a car, ignored orders to stop and drove towards officers.

One Charleston officer fired his weapon at the car, but the car sped away. An affidavit states two men the two jumped out of the moving car and fled on foot. Brown was caught after a foot chase and later admitted that he and Backman had fled from the car, investigators say.

Brown was caught on surveillance cameras walking with the robbery victim before the robbery, the affidavit states.

SLED was called in to investigate because the case involved a law enforcement officer firing his weapon, which is a normal procedure in such cases.

The police officer who fired his weapon has been identified as Officer Cory Broadwater. Broadwater has been placed on paid administrative duties during the investigation, Francis said. Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said that was a normal procedure.

On Jan. 26, 2016, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon presented Broadwater with a commendation for Broadwater's help in apprehending a man who had been released in error from the Al Cannon Detention Center on Dec. 17, 2015. Broadwater located the man and apprehended him without incident, police said.

In a 2013 Facebook post, the Charleston Police Department said Broadwater had been selected as Knights of Columbus Police officer of the Year. At that time, he was listed as a 6-year veteran of the force.

Officials with SLED say body camera video of the incident does exist. As of Monday, the person that was fired upon still has not been found, according to SLED.

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