Pinopolis continues 'paint the town purple' tradition for Relay For Life

PINOPOLIS, SC (WCSC) - If you take a drive in the town of Pinopolis, just north of Monks Corner, you'll see purple ribbons all over the community.

It's on mailboxes, doors, street signs and the town's welcome sign.

It can bring on some curiosity from visitors, but everyone in the town knows what they're for. It's to promote the Moncks Corner Relay for Life Walk benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Georgie Ford is the the woman power behind the bows and a Relay For Life team captain.

"It's so close to Easter they think it's for lint, you can use it for lint you can use it for Relay for Life," Ford said.

Pinopolis has been painting the town purple for nearly a decade, it's the universal color for cancer. Ford says in the beginning she used to call around and ask people if they wanted bows, now they come to her.

"I did teach myself because other people weren't tying them fast enough and I needed them quicker," Ford said.

The fundraiser for the American Cancer Association is backed by her church, Pinopolis United Methodist and it's dear to her heart.

"My mother died in my front bedroom of cancer 30 years ago," Ford said. "I don't want friends every year having cancer, Myra's my relay lady and has a gracious smile always smiling."

Myra Whaley beat Lymphoma last month. It's a cancer that begins in infection-fighting cells of the immune system.

The relay team she's a part of made a life size cut-out of her along with a poster to honor her.

"The loved that I felt the prayers that I received. it's just been a blessing," Whaley said.

There are lime green ribbons placed in front of their church, it's the color for Lymphoma awareness.

Whaley crochets all sorts of items including hats for people fighting cancer.

"If I don't have a needle and thread, somebody thinks there's something wrong with me," Whaley said.

Every ribbon is $10 dollars and all proceeds go the American Cancer Society. T-shirts are also for sale.

"We are the biggest relay in this region," Ford said. "We are just small town and people care."

They invite you to walk too. Myra's been a part of relay team at least 16 years..

"She was helping out before she needed help," Ford said.

They both are continuing to be a part of the cause after several years.

"Having the banner behind me is just something to go forward for the relay to be able to make more money for the American Cancer Society," Whaley said.

The Moncks Corner Relay for Life Walk will be on Friday, April 21 from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Moncks Corner Recreation Complex at 418 East Main St.

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