USPS launches service to help curb mail theft

USPS launches service to help curb mail theft
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(WCSC) - The U.S. Postal Service added South Carolina to its list of places where Informed Delivery is now available.

It is a service that sends you pictures of your delivered mail every morning. Informed delivery is a helpful new tool that will make sure you are getting your mail and packages on time. You will have access to your daily deliveries from wherever you are. Also, it is free of charge.

USPS already takes pictures of all the mail it processes, so this new service will not delay your delivery. It just adds a second use for those pictures: emailing them to you.

Downtown resident Chelsie Ravenell says mail theft doesn't just happen around the holidays it happens year-round.

"It's just wrong- don't steal people's mail. It's bad," Ravenell said. "My neighbors have told me that they have their mail stolen all the time."

Kelsey Michele claims her home is a hot spot for porch pirates. She said she doesn't like to use her own mailbox anymore for deliveries.

"It's definitely frightening because you don't know who is touching your stuff, where it is or if you're ever going to get it back," Michele said. "If I am getting an important package or something I will just tell the sender to not send it to this address. I'll have it sent to a friends house with a more secure area and mailbox."

Stealing mail is not just illegal, it can be personal.

"My parents have sent my favorite cookies or something that's very meaningful to me," Michele said. "It was just gone and that's not replaceable."

Both downtown residents agree USPS Informed Delivery will be a helpful tool.

"I think it will definitely help people know that they're missing something," Ravenell said.

"That's a great, great service," Michele said. "And if it's not there you can report it right away."

To sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, click this link.

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