Construction company sues Dorchester County over denial for proposed sand mine site

Construction company sues Dorchester County over denial for proposed sand mine site

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A South Carolina construction company is suing Dorchester County after the planning and zoning division denied the company to set up a sand mining site in the county.

J.R. Wilson Construction Company, Inc. and Pringle Tract, LLC filed a lawsuit February 21 appealing the decision made January 24 to deny admittance.

Dorchester County Council will receive legal advice in Executive Session at Monday's council meeting on how to address the lawsuit, said County spokeswoman Tiffany Norton.

The lawsuit states the decision by Dorchester County was made "without a factual basis or proper finding of facts".

Originally the company had requested a "special exception" to set up business along Zion Road in Dorchester for a future mining site.

The issue in January was that the area wasn't, and still isn't, zoned for that kind of business. It's zoned for an "Absence of Controls (AC) district", or simply an unincorporated area of the County.

The lawsuit also states January's decision was made against staff recommendations without the proper facts or findings.

Several homeowners in the area along Zion and Old Dam Road spoke at the meeting in January.

"[It's going to] impact to our property values," said Michael Mixson, of Dorchester. "We can't… people here have invested their life income, retired people, to build their homes, nice homes, and they want to retire here for this. This serenity, this quietness, this peacefulness, but we're in jeopardy to lose that right now."

According to the Department of Health and Environmental Control, there are more than 25 mining sites in the County, most in rural areas.

The site originally proposed boarders a residential area, homeowners said.

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