CAUGHT ON CAMERA: West Ashley homeowners say suspects with guns attempt to break into cars

Suspect appears to be holding a gun while walking up driveway in Hunt Club neighborhood (Source: Hunt Club homeowner)
Suspect appears to be holding a gun while walking up driveway in Hunt Club neighborhood (Source: Hunt Club homeowner)

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A West Ashley neighborhood is on high alert after several home surveillance cameras captured some attempted car break-ins showing the suspects holding guns.

It happened in the Hunt Club neighborhood off Bees Ferry Road Monday morning.

A member of the HOA board said car break-ins have occurred over the last three years.

However Monday morning's attempt now has a group of homeowners even more concerned.

"The person was carrying a gun in his hand when he approached the car," said Kellie Kinard, of West Ashley.

Roughly three weeks ago Kinard and her family invested in surveillance cameras after an attempted break-in in the neighborhood.

"A lot of our neighbors have cameras and most of us have security systems, but no we've never seen guns before so that's definitely frightening," she said.

Two homeowners' surveillance cameras captured at least four people trying to break in to cars just after 4 a.m. Monday. At least two people appear to be holding guns and wearing masks over their faces.

Kinard said there are a lot of young families and retired couples who live in the area; Many who are prepared to protect their families.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt," Kinard said. "We don't want the people who are trying to break into the cars to get hurt. It's not worth your life to get some spare change and maybe a cell phone."

"People will protect their families," said Bob Milner, an HOA board member. "So there's a possibility of violence that goes along with that."

With these images now exposed to the public, Kinard hopes the attempts at breaking in will stop.

"I'm hopeful they're not escalating and hoping to do a home invasion or something like that with the masks, gloves, guns," she said.

These homeowners are urging their neighbors to keep their doors locked and consider investing in motion sensor lights and surveillance cameras.

At least one homeowner has reported this attempted break in to the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Milner urges homeowners to contact authorities if they have had their cars broken in to.

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