N. Charleston could offer incentive to curb food desert

N. Charleston could offer incentive to curb food desert

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The City of North Charleston has come up with a new way to curb the food desert issue in the south side of town.

The city gave preliminary approval Thursday evening to pay a Grocer $500 thousand over the course of five years to help with rent and other expenses if they put a grocery store in Shipwatch Square.

Shipwatch Square, located off Rivers Avenue, was home to a Win Dixie until 2005. Since then the southern area of North Charleston has been a food desert, or a geological area that doesn't have store that residents can walk to or easily access.

Right now people have to either pay for transportation for fresh groceries or eat non-fresh foods from the small markets that sell a limited amount of items.

"these little stores here are too high. And when we get on the bus to get food how we gonna get our food back home," one woman living near Shipwatch Square said.

The new grocery store is expected to be under construction by 2018, but in an effort to get someone interested in the property the city has come up with the resolution to provide the half of a million-dollar incentive.

If the store closes before the five year period, the store would have to owe the city back the money.

The Resolution will now be placed ahead of city council for further action.

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