The closing of a Carta park-and-go lot could mean more traffic

The closing of a Carta park-and-go lot could mean more traffic

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - There could be a lot more traffic on Charleston's highways if a regularly used park-and-ride in North Charleston is no longer available.

CARTA has a park-and-ride on the Kmart lot off of Rivers Avenue in North Charleston that could be forced to move.

Roughly 750 people use the North Charleston lot everyday, according to CARTA staff.

Many of the people take the bus from the lot to downtown Charleston, and the people who use the lot daily say they primarily go to MUSC.

If the lot were to close there would be over 700 people looking for parking in downtown Charleston, something people who take the bus say would be bad for everyone.

"I don't think that would be a good move. At least for the MUSC employees that would be a bad move," an Express 1 rider said.

The CARTA Express 1 route has 17,000 riders a month, many of them getting picked up and dropped off at the North Charleston lot.

CARTA said in a statement, “CARTA staff is currently working toward short-term and long-term parking solutions in the vicinity of Kmart that will keep thousands of vehicle trips off local roads each month. System leaders will also continue to work with the developers of the Kmart property to reach a positive resolution that works for everyone involved. CARTA will communicate any changes to Express 1 riders as the situation progresses in the coming days”.

The sale is expected to close on the Kmart property on May 1.

That is when a decision must be made in regards to the park-and-ride lot.

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