Attorneys to discuss admission of experts in federal Slager trial

VIDEO: Slager attorneys want to suppress SLED document

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Attorneys are on their way to wrapping up the fine details ahead of former North Charleston officer Michael Slager's federal trial.

Slager faces civil rights violations and obstruction of justice charges in the shooting death of Walter Scott on April 4, 2015.

At a motion hearing this afternoon, attorneys argued over several potential pieces of evidence which could be shown during the trial.

On Friday, Judge David Norton instructed Slager to review the statement he made to the State Law Enforcement Division days after the shooting. Slager was supposed to go through that over the weekend and mark what he felt was incorrect.

But on the stand Monday, Slager told the court he did not review it.

Slager's attorney, Andy Savage, addressed the media after the hearing, saying he advised Slager not to look at the statement because it was involuntarily made and because Slager is not obligated to "do the government's work."

As federal prosecutors went through the document, Slager repeatedly told the court he did not recall what he said since it happened two years ago.

This statement is part of the defense's motion to suppress that document from being submitted as evidence.

Norton has not yet made a ruling on the document. The pre-trial hearing is also expected to give the judge a chance to figure out whether certain experts will be allowed to testify.

The federal civil rights trial begins next month.

Slager also faces murder charges in state court, where his first trial ended in a hung jury. That retrial is set for August.

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