Charleston rescue group saves puppy without paws from N.C.

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A  local dog rescue group is treating a puppy without paws.

The dog from North Carolina was going to be put to rest, but a Mount Pleasant non-profit, Furlife German Shepherd Rescue stepped in to help. The group is giving the 12-week-old puppy Ravyn a chance at a new life.

Danielle Bellknap is the director of Furlife German Shepard Rescue.

"She's so sweet, and so loving she's got the most cheery, puppy personality," Bellknap said.

The puppy's personality might not always show the battle she's carrying.

In addition to missing her paws, Ravyn is also missing parts of her back legs and a piece of her ear.

"We do have reason to  believe that it was purposely done," Bellknap said. "Our vet was able to confirm that it wasn't birth defects that caused her injuries."

They are waiting to see another vet that might be able to give them a better idea of what happened.

"She is the reason we do what we do because she could have ended up in a really bad situation," Bellknap said.

Though the costs can be high when dealing with dogs with special needs, for Bellknap and the others with the nonprofit it's a labor of love.

The next step is getting the puppy prosthetics for all four legs which can total up to thousands of dollars. As a growing puppy, she'll need multiple sets. The non-profit relies on donations.

They are thankful a company based in Virginia has offered them at a lower price than normal. Furlife will have to pay about $2,200 four all four legs.

Ravyn is currently wearing socks with to give her some cushion and grip, but it's still not enough.

"When she walks if her back legs hit wrong, it is painful for her," Bellknap said.

The rescue team specializes in taking dogs in that may be difficult to care for, but they have great success in getting them back on their feet and into loving homes.

"Now she'll have the opportunity to live a fully happy life," Bellknap said.

Bellknap says North Carolina authorities are investigating this case for possible animal abuse.

If you'd like to get involved with the rescue efforts, volunteer or make a donation you can reach out to the rescue group at (843) 225-6188.

The group will be hosting a public event on May 13th from 3;30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at pet Supplies Plus on St. James Avenue in Goose Creek. Ravyn will be there along with other puppies.

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