Mount Pleasant prepares for 438 new apartments on US-17

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant is anticipating hundreds of new residences right off of US-17 near Town Center.

Construction and new developments in this area are not anything new.

The Haven at Indigo Square is building 438 new apartment units, 60,000 square-feet of retail space, a storage facility and a hotel.

"It's like everything else that's happening in Mount Pleasant," Elizabeth Tonelis said.

She lives with her family and two dogs directly next to the new development.

"It's directly behind our unit so we have heard it all going up," she said.

"That 400 is x2,3,4,5 people each when you think about it so I think it's going to be hard," Mount Pleasant resident Catherine Cralle said. "There seems to be a lot more traffic and that seems to be because more people are moving here."

"We're used to the traffic, noise and congestion," Tonelis said. "I think that people who are from here, from a long time ago, it was quiet and peaceful. Now it's not."

She believes traffic will get heavier with the influx of new residents.

"I sit for a long time in traffic so I'm guessing that's going to get substantially worse," she said.

Johnson Development is the construction company behind the new complex.

Its representatives report it is building an entirely new intersection, Indigo Market Drive, to help alleviate traffic created by their new homes.

"I think if you can widen roads, add lights, offer additional resources to relieve the morning commute and the drive home at night is a win for everyone," Tonelis said.

Cralle disagreed and was not as optimistic about the proposed changes.

"I just don't know how it will be. I think the lights will still be long," Cralle said.

She thinks developments should branch out to other nearby areas.

"Build out or away like off of 41 maybe. That seems kind of empty," she said.

Tonelis said, despite the traffic, the growth of the Haven complex is good for Mount Pleasant overall.

"More people want to live here. It's a beautiful place. There's wonderful people and the economy is awesome," Tonelis said.

The storage facility will start leasing units in June.

The Haven at Indigo Square apartments will start pre-leasing in July for a September move-in.

Home Suites by Hilton, the hotel, is scheduled to open in September as well.

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