City of Isle of Palms reminds residents, visitors of beach parking rules

Beach season is right around the corner.

Last year the Isle of Palms launched new parking rules limiting visitor parking in residential areas. That's still in effect this year.

IOP Mayor Dick Cronin says it's important for visitors to pay attention to the signs on the island when it comes to parking. 

Isle of Palms residents Tucker and Suzanne Redford are happy with the results of the parking changes.

"The laws have been good in helping control what I say is trouble on the island," Tucker said.

They like that visitor parking is limited in residential areas.

"We've had people come to the door, beat on the door and ask to use our bathroom," Tucker said.

From May 15 through September 15 from 9 a.m to 6 p.m, IOP residents must have a special permit to park in Residential Parking Districts. Paid parking
remains available to visitors in addition to some public right of ways for free. 

"It became unsafe in a lot of the areas where it was just too crowded the roads were too narrow so we limited the access," Mayor Cronin said.

Cronin says the parking changes have improved residents' quality of life.

On the other hand, IOP resident Rusty Williamson says things are better but there are some things he believes can be tweaked. 

"They've got over 400 something signs here on the island telling where you can or cannot park, the visual pollution is horrible," Rushy said.

The city says most feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

"People have the right to come here as long as they want to, they need to be respectful of the residents," Rusty said. "We see people out her changing clothes, urinating in yards, littering."

Tucker says visitors need to remember it's not just a fun place.

"It's a place where people live," Tucker said.

Residents must have visitor parking permits for guests if they are not parking in public spaces. Last year, residents were required to pay for visitor permits but can receive a free permit booklet from the city this year if requested.

You can find detailed information on beach parking below:

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