James Island developments halted for six months

Charleston City Council unanimously approved to temporarily halt new developments in James Island's commercial areas as part of a six-month moratorium.

The moratorium will only affect parts of James Island that are in Charleston city limits but the mayor of James Island said it's going to take all three of these governments to make real progress on the island. “What we need to start doing is work on what kind of joins organizations we can have moving forward for consistent zoning and planning,” Mayor Bill Woolsey said.

The new plan said that the city of Charleston will not accept applications froom developers for six months. That would include those wanting to build more than four buildings or a structure larger than 15,000 square feet in the non-residential areas of James Island.  

The study will cover uses, density of development, height and dimensional requirements as they relate to the identity of the Island as a whole, the ordinance states. 

At Tuesday night’s Charleston City Council meeting many James Islanders came out in support of the moratorium, and some asking for it to extend past six months.

We don’t have the rom we don’t have the room in our schools we don’t have the infrastructure we don’t have the room on our roads,” Lindsey Henderson said.

She said it’s always disappointing to hear when a new developer is coming in with new apartment complexes and said this moratorium is a step in the right direction.

Charleston Mayor Tecklenberg and council members discussed the possibility of extending the six-month time frame, but said for what the city is trying to accomplish is should be long enough.

“Six months would allow us enough time for the necessary plans and changes to bring to council,” Mayor Tecklenberg said.
“The real change needs to come as we move forward beyond having this temporary pause and think about how we can work tougher to plan and zone the island so our infrastructure can keep up with the development we need to work together,” Woolsey said.
Government leaders from both the town of James Island, city of Charleston, and Charleston County will meet next week to talk about moving forward.

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