TAKE A STAND: Charleston Animal Society

TAKE A STAND: Charleston Animal Society

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Every year about 6.5 million animals in the United States enter animal shelters. Half are dogs, half are cats.

There was a time when a shelter often meant a death sentence. Thankfully, not anymore.

Many people don't know Charleston County was the first no-kill community in the Southeast.

The Charleston Animal Society is recognized nationwide. Petco Foundation supports No Kill South Carolina. That program here leads to cooperation and life-saving efforts between every shelter in the state.

Maddie's Fund has invested more than $300,000 here to teach animal life-saving and rescue efforts. The foster program here has 300 families in the Lowcountry who take in animals when needed.  This shelter adopted more than five-thousand animals last year and spayed or neutered almost 13,000.

The Charleston Animal Society investigated more than 140 cases of animal cruelty last year and helped with rescues around the country.

Abused and neglected animals only have us to help.

If you can help, consider an adoption, a donation, or your time as a volunteer.

I thank you, and my buddies thank you.

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