Former Mount Pleasant official out on $10K bond, accused of sexual battery

(Source: CCDC)
(Source: CCDC)

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A former Lowcountry official is out on a $10,000 surety bond after being charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Former Mount Pleasant Town Councilman Ken Glasson turned himself in and was booked at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center shortly after midnight Friday concerning an incident that occurred on Seabrook Island on March 31, a Charleston County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said.

According to the Charleston County Detention Center website, Glasson was released from jail at 2:03 p.m. Friday.

Authorities believe Glasson, 53, committed sexual battery on a woman who had been drinking, the affidavit states.

"It's an egregious matter," said Mike DuPree, who represents the reported victim and her family. "This isn't a college campus thing where alcohol is involved among college students. This is an adult who was placed in a position of trust."

The alleged victim, who according to the affidavit knows Glasson as a long-time family friend, told officials she didn't know how she got into his bedroom but remembers him removing her clothes and laying her down on his bed before performing oral sex on her.

"She stated that she was unable to move or tell the defendant to stop because she was mentally incapacitated from consuming copious amounts of alcohol that day," the affidavit states.

"The father of the victim had already called to make sure everything was going to be okay," DuPree said. "They knew each other [from the Marines] and that's what makes it worse."

"What we know about sexual abuse and sexual assaults is over 90% of the time victims know their offender," said Rachael Garrett, Director of Community Programs at the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center. "It's pretty common."

The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center offers services to children who have been victims of abuse.

While the affidavit and incident report does not give the age of the reported victim, Garrett said talking to your child about situations like these can help with prevention.

"Sometimes they're afraid they won't be believed," she said. "They may be afraid that something was their fault, and ultimately it's just... come and tell, and we'll take it from here."

"You can only imagine it's got to be hard for a young lady to have something like this happen," DuPree said.

Resident in the neighborhood where Glasson lives said they were shocked to hear about the news.

"Ever since the initial reports came out he's been like a ghost," said one woman. "It's just very surprising."

Employees at some of the businesses where Glasson's paintball company is located said he has always been a stand-up guy when they crossed paths.

"He's a danger to children obviously, to young women," DuPree said. "He'll have to answer in court. He'll have to face his charges."

In an incident report released by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office last month, Glasson is listed as one of two chaperones at a party on March 30 in which there may have been underage drinking and "inappropriate sexual activity."

Glasson served as a Mt. Pleasant council member from 2006 to 2015. A spokesperson for the town said they have no comment on ongoing investigations.

According to the Mt. Pleasant Paintball website, Glasson's company, he is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel with 31 years of service. He has been involved in the Marine Toys for Tots program, a member of The Church at Life Park, and has coached football, soccer, and lacrosse for the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department. Glasson is also a father of two children.

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