Freedom Church supports children through Foster Care Ministry

Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Freedom Church in Moncks Corner has a special foster care ministry.

It has developed a community that encourages and supports fostering children.

Amanda Brown and Julie Pasiecznick are members of the church. After giving birth to four children each they found another calling.

"We just love being foster parents," Brown said.

For Amanda it was one of her students that led the way.

"I had a student who was in foster care who brought up the idea of us becoming certified and maybe her coming to live with us." Brown said.

That was about six years ago and Brown and her husband are currently fostering four children.

"Kids come in, their scared their lonely their confused and then there's the process of them really coming and finding a safe place," Brown said. "There's a process of building relationships with their birth parents and the transition of them hopefully going back home."

The foster care mission is so strong in the church, the bible-based ministry J:127 is there to help families transition by providing resources like meals, clothing and cribs.

"First call that we got was a 2-week-old girl...I was terrified," Pasiecznick said.

She was raising four boys of her own and had never experienced what it was like to have a girl.

"The minute we brought that girl into our house, I'm going to start crying, it was amazing." Pasiecznick said.

The next day she got a 2-year-old. She said it was incredible to see the relationship her boys developed with the foster children. They are hoping to adopt the little girl who is now about 7-months-old.

"It's definitely something that's placed on your heart and if you are called to do it God is going to equip you to do it," Pasiecznick said.

Executive Pastor of the Freedom Church, Robbie Foreman, says the ministry is spread across multiple churches.

"Just a couple of dollars or a couple of conversations or a couple of smiles could just be a thing to be a catalyst to help these kids be able to find a better life," Foreman said.

He says their mission is to give the children hope.

"So they can live to their potential fulfillment that God designed them to do," Foreman said.

If you're interested in getting involved or learning about the ministry click here.

"There's so much out there and ways to get involved we just need people," Brown said.

Pastor Foreman says his family is planning to adopt a child from from Haiti soon.

"You are going to love on these kids love on these kids and fall in love." Pasiecznick said.

Freedom Church is also a supporter of Maia Moms. It's an organization that helps single mothers who may have no hope and gives them stability, a place for their family to stay, education and more.

A portion of the church's tithes go towards the organization.

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