Woman arrested in stabbing over candy, police say

Woman arrested in stabbing over candy, police say

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police have arrested a woman after a stabbing they're told occurred over candy.

According to reports, Angela Robinson, a clerk at a convenience store, stabbed a customer after being told to put her candy somewhere cold because it was melting.

The victim said he walked to a convenience store on Birdie Garret Street to buy a candy bar, only to find out later that the candy was melted. The victim then said he returned to the store and told Robinson, the clerk, to put the candy somewhere cold.

At that point, Robinson reportedly became angry and started yelling at him, pulling out a knife. She then picked up a nearby fan and started hitting the man repeatedly, an incident report states.

The victim said he was able to escape, only to have the clerk drive up in her vehicle, pull out a knife and start attacking him again.

The victim reportedly suffered a cut on his arm and a stab wound on his leg.

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