Contractor charged with ripping off homeowners; complaints filed in five counties

WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry contractor has been charged with ripping off homeowners of thousands of dollars.

Chandler Warren is facing charges in Clarendon and Darlington counties.

Assistant in Charge at the Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office Warren Anderson confirmed Chandler Warren plead guilty on November 28 to Swindling , a common law offense in South Carolina.

Anderson said Warren was given time served.

He's been incarcerated since June 23 of this year.

Investigators say Warren was paid for work that he didn't complete.

They say in some cases he also did damage to the homes.

More than 15 homeowners in five counties have filed complaints against Warren.

Ashley Cribb who lives in Williamsburg County thought she was getting a good deal when she hired Warren to do work on her house.

Cribb needed vinyl siding on the outside and insulation inside.

She found Warren's contracting business on Facebook.

They messaged each other.

Cribb invited him out to her house.

"I asked him are you a legitimate contractor, bonded, he said yes and I took his word for it," Cribb said. "He gave us an estimate. We signed two contracts with him."

Cribb paid Warren $5,700 for the work.

Soon she saw some issues.
"Not only did he do terrible work but when we pulled the vinyl down that he did, the insulation was not there what we paid for," Cribb said."We told him give our money back and be done. Well, he didn't want to do that. He said we give him more money which was not happening.

Cribb went to the sheriff's office and filed a report.

She was told it is a civil case and that she would have to sue.

Cribb sued and won her case.

A judge ordered Warren to pay up but he didn't.

Warren is being in the Williamsburg County Jail on unrelated charges of failing to pay child support.

Ashley Cribb wishes she did her homework before hiring Warren.

"We did not check further into it, we should have checked with LRR, Better Business Bureau. We didn't, that was our fault, a hard lesson learned for us," Cribb said.

Warren still has charges pending in other counties.

Authorities are asking anyone else who thinks they were ripped off by Warren to contact them.

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