Father presses charges after seeing video of fight at Ashley Ridge High School

Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A father is pressing charges after he says his daughter was the victim of a fight at Ashley Ridge High School.

Video of the fight was taken by a student at the school, it wasn't until after the father, Michael Cope, saw the video that he decided to press assault charges against the other student involved.

"I get this phone call then I go to school to hear that my daughter is suspended." Cope said.

Cope's daughter is a 10th grader at Ashley Ridge High School.

The video shows the other female student who was involved  in the fight walk through the hallway for more than a minute on the way to Cope's daughter. The student walks into the classroom and throws the first punch. It appears the teacher and another student try to break it up.

"My daughter didn't see it at all, to just get waylaid and just attacked," Cope said. "Being in the medical field for 20 years, when your body's hormones kick in it's fight or flight."

A Dorchester County Sheriff's report says both teens told authorities they had been threatening each other by text over a boy and that they both stated they talked about fighting over text messages. The report lists his daughter as the victim.

"Something [has] got to happen I don't know if it's cameras in the classrooms where it can be monitored at all times or videos can re-watched back," Cope said.

Cope says school officials suspended his daughter for the rest of the school year and she is now required to take her five or six final exams in one day instead of over an extended period of time.

"I think it's going to hurt her, she's been a GATE student selected for Duke TIP," Cope said. "Seeing that video and seeing my daughter being brutally assaulted that's enough and I will do whatever I have to do to make sure no other parent has to feel what I have felt over the last three days."

His hope from pressing charges is that she can finish out school normally.

Cope says his daughter has a concussion as a result of the fight.

Dorchester District Two did not have a comment on this particular incident but they say administrators review their school's data on fights on a regular basis and will make decisions regarding supervision if there is an increase in specific incidents.

The school disciplined the other student in this fight, but information on that action taken is not available because of school privacy laws.

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