Report: Man sentenced to life for rapes of two minors

Report: Man sentenced to life for rapes of two minors

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor and kidnapping.

On August 30, 2015, Gussie Hilton, Jr., reportedly sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl, telling her that he would make her a big girl that day. After the assault, he left the girl alone in his house.

Later the same day, Hilton agreed to drive a mother and thirteen-year-old daughter to North Charleston where the mother could see her other children. Hilton then pulled over to a wooded area, pulled out a knife, made the mother remove her clothing, bound the girl's hands with tape, and walked them into the woods. According to a media release, the mother was able to escape to get help. While alone with the teenager, Hilton sexually assaulted the girl, telling her that he wanted her to have his baby.

The mother was able to call 911, and authorities reportedly found Hilton and the young girl in the woods. Hilton then told authorities that he had done something bad and led them to the six-year-old who was bleeding.

"The horrors that these young girls faced is unimaginable," Jennifer Kneece Shealy, who prosecuted the case, stated, "We are grateful that they will never have to see him again. Criminal sexual conduct and Kidnapping are designated as 'violent' crimes, and given the age of the children and the violent and perverse nature of these facts, a life sentence is appropriate."

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