Joint Base Charleston C-17s fly over Ravenel Bridge in trip to Fort Bragg

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - If you looked to the skies during your morning commute, you may have seen C-17 aircraft flying by.

About 15 of Joint Base Charleston's C-17 aircraft took the sky and flew over the Ravenel Bridge in a trip to the Pope Army Airfield operated by Fort Bragg in North Carolina for a military exercise Thursday morning.

Once in North Carolina, the plan is to conduct aird rops and low-level tactical training exercises. Paratroopers and equipment will be d ropped from the aircraft to the ground for a joint forcible entry exercise.

The C-17s are scheduled to return over the Ravenel Bridge from the north at 2:05 p.m. weather permitting and then land at JB Charleston.

Officials say no commercial flights should be affected by the flyovers.

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