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Report: Driver falls from carriage after horse spooked

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A Charleston horse carriage driver who lost his footing when a horse became spooked was transported to an area hospital Thursday.

The incident happened at approximately 10:15 a.m. as the carriage was turning from North Market Street onto Anson, according to Charleston city spokesman Jack O'Toole.

A formal report was released Friday afternoon after initial conflicting accounts related to the incident surfaced.

A Charleston Carriage Works horse named Luke became spooked while making the turn, and when the driver attempted to calm Luke down, the horse accelerated. The driver lost his footing and fell off of the carriage and onto the street, O'Toole said.

Luke ran into a parked car, and stopped running. At that time, the carriage company was able to regain control of him.

Luke received two small scratches from the accident and was pulled from all tours for the day, O'Toole said. He was examined by both the City's equine manager and an equine veterinarian before being released back into service. 

The carriage driver was transported to an area hospital for observation and treatment.

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