What to know when heading to the beach for the Memorial Weekend

What to know when heading to the beach for the Memorial Weekend
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - One of the busiest weekends of the year is upon us.

You can expect everywhere across the Lowcountry to be packed this weekend, from downtown to the beaches.

"This weekend...Memorial Day, it's probably one of the heaviest weekends for traffic. So it's going to be a destination for a lot of folks," Spencer Wetmore, Folly Beach City Administrator said.

This weekend thousands of people are going to be getting in the car, loading up their beach chairs, and hitting the road.

Many of those travelers are going to be heading to the beach.

AAA Carolinas is predicting that more people will be traveling this weekend than in years past, and beaches are at the top of the destination list.

"We were going to Charleston and they told us Folly Beach," Sandy Aguirre said. Aguirre is a tourist from out of town.

Not only will our towns will busier...our roads will be as well.

Folly Beach is already starting to see the major crowds.

"We got here yesterday about mid-day [we] wanted to beat the traffic and get a head start on the holiday weekend," one tourist said.

Trying to beat the inevitable traffic Folly beach is the goal for so many this weekend. With only one way on and off the island and whole bunch of people coming, it could leave some frustrated.

"[With] Twelve to sixteen thousand cars coming over the bridge and each one of those cars could have three to four people in it. I think a reasonable estimate is twelve to thirteen thousand cars out here this weekend." Wetmore said.

If you're planning on catching some sun, it's best to show up early.

"That's the plan, get here early get a good spot and hunker down," Aguirre said.

If you are planning on hopping in the car and heading to the beach, there's some things you need to be sure of:

  • There is no alcohol allowed on the beaches.
  • Remember to check the times that pets are allowed to soak up the sun with you.

There are some rules when it comes to parking:

  • Be sure when you park that all of your tires are off the pavement and in the sand.
  • Park in the direction of traffic.
  • Stay away from fire hydrants.

Law enforcement officials would like to remind travelers to pack their patience when driving on the roads this weekend.

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