Caitlyn the dog celebrates her Liberation Day

Caitlyn the dog celebrates her Liberation Day
Source: Charleston Animal Society

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Today marks the day two years ago that Caitlyn was discovered battered and abused and brought to Charleston Animal Society.

On May 27 2015, Caitlyn was found on the streets of North Charleston with her muzzle taped shut. She was dehydrated and starving. But today, she is thriving.

The world watched as Caitlyn recovered from her injuries and soon became the face of anti-cruelty efforts across the country.

Her life now is far removed from the cruelty she suffered that day and the many surgeries she endured to save her life.

"She is a diva who sleeps on a fluffy bed and enjoys long walks on the beach." Kay Hyman with the Animal Society said about Caitlyn.

William Leonard Dodson, 42, pleaded guilty in August of 2016 to a felony charge of ill treatment of an animal for taping Catilyn's muzzle in May of 2015.

In March of 2017, Dodson was sentenced to five years, the maximum sentence, in prison for the animal cruelty charge. Dodson won't serve any prison time for the crime, because he will serve 15 years in federal prison for a gun and drug conviction. That sentence and the federal sentence will be served at the same time.

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