Bed bugs reported at three Charleston fire stations

Bed bugs reported at three Charleston fire stations

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials say over the last few weeks, bed bugs have been discovered at three Charleston fire stations.

The bed bugs were reported at Station 20 on Daniel Island, and Stations 7 and 13 on James Island.

CFD officials say once the problem was identified at the fire station on Daniel Island, firefighters were relocated to another station while a contractor proceeded with an inspection and cleaning of the station using a chemical treatment process.

However, authorities say following the completion of the treatment, crews returned to the station and still saw signs of infestation.

"Crews were again relocated as the professional contractor applied another treatment," CFD officials said.

Then on James Island, bedbugs were reported at Station 13 and then Station 7 this past week.

A report states a K-9 that detects bedbugs was brought in to search the buildings and alerted officials on a few of the mattresses and sofas at both stations.

"This isn't something we ever want our firefighters to have to go through or are happy about them enduring," said Interim Chief Tippett. "But, as always, our members have more than risen to the occasion, and really been remarkable every step of the way. They know that this job is ultimately about saving lives and property, as we saw just this morning with the fire at the Ashley Marina. The men and women of this department aren't about to let this or any other problem get in the way of that duty. My staff and I are committed to resolving this problem as quickly as possible, getting the crews back in their stations and giving them the peace of mind they need to keep their families safe."

The Charleston Fire Department's full release on the issue can be found below:

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