Lowcountry town hard hit by Hurricane Matthew hoping to be spared this season

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry town hard hit by Hurricane Matthew is hoping to be spared during the new hurricane season that begins Thursday.

Matthew ripped through the community in October, 2016 costing the town about $1.5 million in tourist dollars.

"Oh boy," Edisto Beach Police Chief George Brothers said when he was reminded the new hurricane season is here.

It was Brothers who had to organize a mandatory evacuation before Matthew blew through and the plan to allow people to come back to town afterwards.

"The day we came back and we came into Palmetto Boulevard which is the main road and seen five feet of sand on the road, it was just incredible," Brothers said.

Charlie Criss's home on Palmetto Boulevard was spared.

"We had four feet of sand in our front yard when the hurricane came through and we had to redo our landscaping," Criss said.

The owner of Dockside Bar and Grill had bigger problems. Darrin Moore says three feet of water came through his business.

"It was stressful, but it could have been worse," Moore said.

In January, 956,000 square cubic yards of sand were pumped onto the beach as part of a re-nourishment project.

Now, a new hurricane season is here.

Chief Brothers is pleased with the evacuation plan, but says for any future evacuations his officers will be stationed closer to town.

"When we left we went to Walterboro, of course the storm came up there too, but it took us about seven and a half hours to get back here from Walterboro, the next morning when we left to come back. That's unacceptable to me and the mayor," Brothers said.

Folks here are hoping they don't have to deal with another hurricane for a long time but they'll prepare the best they can just in case.

"You can prepare and do a lot of things but some things you can't control," Moore said.

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