Summerville toddler resuscitated, doing ok after falling into pond

The pond the toddler was rescued from Wednesday. (Source: WCSC)
The pond the toddler was rescued from Wednesday. (Source: WCSC)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville toddler who fell into a pond Wednesday was resuscitated by neighbors after being pulled out of the water by his parents.

Shana Bourhill says she was cooking dinner when she heard her son Gavin call out his twin brother Aiden's name.

"I ran out here and noticed that the back fence gate was open and I started yelling Aiden's name, he wasn't answering," Shana Bourhill said. I was freaking out and Gavin said 'Aiden went in water.' "So I saw his socks floating in the water and there was a ball in the water."

Bourhill says she ran outside and saw Aiden's shoes on the bank of the pond and his socks in the water.

Shana and her husband David believe the boys broke the lock on their fence and Aiden fell in the pond while trying to retrieve the ball.
They both jumped in to look for him.

"The ball was floating down this way so I kind of moved over and to the left a little bit and I bumped into him and I pulled him out from under the water," Shana Bourhill said.

"Luckily she bumped into him because we couldn't see him on the surface," David Bourhill said.

David says he started doing chest compressions on Aiden.

"He was a little discolored and his eyes were halfway open. He was not breathing at all," Shana Bourhill said.

Resident Michael Coleman heard the parents' screams from across the pond.

Coleman ran over to help.

He and a neighbor, a nurse worked together to resuscitate Aiden.

"When you look at him you look at him as if they were yours. I've got a grandson that's three years old. It's just a relief he was breathing," Coleman said.

The Bourhills couldn't imagine losing their son.

"It's unimaginable, you can't even explain into words how your heart drops," David Bourhill said.

Instead it's a triumph over a near tragedy.

"Looking at him you wouldn't even know. He acts the same, he's fine and just to know yesterday we may not have him. What a blessing it is to know that God answered our prayers," David Bourhill said.

The Bourhills say their son spent Wednesday night in the hospital and was released Thursday morning.

Shana Bourhill says Aiden still has a little fluid in his lungs but otherwise is fine.

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