Community reacting after man allegedly assaults 12-year-old boy at North Charleston store

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - North Charleston community leaders are reacting after they say a store employee assaulted a 12-year-old boy.

The incident happened at Uncle Sam Mart at 3303 Spruill Avenue.

The boy's mother, Djaris Porcher, says that her son suffered a fractured leg.

Azmi Abdelrahman, 19, was arrested and charged with third degree assault and battery.

Abdelrahman is back at the store where it happened and he admitted to kicking the boy. He also provided the surveillance video of the incident, but he says he didn't kick the child in the leg.

Porcher was not there when the incident happened but she says her son went to the store around 9:30 p.m. on Friday night to purchase snacks and boiled peanuts for her and his sister. She says her son asked Abdelrahman for help finding the peanuts.

"He must not understand my son language so he started talking his language and my son said well I show you on the cellphone how the peanuts look," Porcher said. "He in turn kicking my son, jump kicking my son, shoving him by his neck shoving him out the store an kicking him."

Porcher says her son now has a fractured leg.

The community rallied today telling people to shop somewhere else.

Abdelrahman has a different story.

"I know I did mistake I cannot touch him, but this is what I did  I kicked him," Abdelrahman said. "The problem is I did not touch his leg people say that I broke his leg but I did not touch his leg and there's a video."

The mom says she talked with multiple people who were at the store that night.

"Five other witnesses that was in the store during the time that happened and everyone was telling me the same thing so I know the video was edited," Porcher said.

Abdelrahman says he kicked the boy because he was upset.

"They start asking me some questions that I did not understand. I was asking them to explain to me what's going on so they started making fun of me because of the English and they start taking a video of me," Abdelrahman said.

Porcher says when she got to the scene her son was limping and crying and he said 'the man kicked me.'

"I know it's big mistake to touch a little kid, but I did not touch his leg," Abdelrahman said.

Community members believe there's more to the story.

"I want them shut down," Porcher said.

The worker say the video shows it all.

"We need to figure out out a solution," Abdelrahman said.

We reached out to North Charleston police for more information about this incident, we are expecting to hear back Monday.

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