New developments have Maryville-Ashleyville homeowners packing their bags

State Rep. Wendell Gilliard and community activists called for a meeting Tuesday evening on change expected in a West Ashley neighborhood. 

Gilliard says some who live in historic Maryville-Ashleyville along St. Andrews Boulevard are concerned a plan to build around 40 new houses in the area will push them out of their homes. 

Gilliard raised concerns about gentrification in the neighborhood last week. He says residents reached out to him, fearful they’ll be displaced.

Many community members showed up Tuesday night to raise their concerns, and ask what they can do try and stop the developments from coming.

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - "What the developers are doing now is tossing people aside because they want a quick buck, quick revenue. So they don't care if you become homeless," Gaillard said.

For many people, they have lived in the Campbell Knupple mobile home park for decades.

"I never think that would happen, never.  But now it happened," 30-year resident Nathaniel Green said.

"We've been living here so long everybody, and you know somebody make this their home and they get pushed out, that's real sad," said Green.

Developers plan to build around 40 homes in this area.

It was approved earlier this year and they have been working with the city to make it happen.

For some people living close to the mobile home community, they were happy to see the city was focusing on West Ashley.

"I thought it was a good thing, I thought it was about time ,we've been paying our taxes all these years and it seems our tax dollars were going downtown and now it's coming here," one man living near Maryville-Ashleyville said.

However, he said he wished it didn't have to come with this high of a price.

"Change is good but I don't want it to be where it drives up taxes and rives out the neighbors I grew up with here."

For Green, he's found a new place to move his mobile home and is looking to move forward.

"I got to move forward you know. I hope and pray that they may be coming in here and I'm hope and pray people can stay in here but I don't think that's gonna happen. I hope it happens, all you have to do is pray," said Green.

In a statement from the developer, Crescent Homes, it said "As of June 7, 2017 we were notified y the property manager of the park that most residents have already made transition arrangements, 6-7 residents are relocation to an existing trailer park in North Charleston and two residents remain needing relocation assistance. Based on this information that was provided to us we are looking into options to help facility relocation assistance for those 2 residents and any others that are in need."

The Revitalize West Ashley Commission will be discussing the Maryville-Ashleyville developments and relocation at Wednesday's meeting.

That will be at 5 pm at the Schoolhouse.

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