Good Samaritan rescues woman from overturned car in West Ashley marsh

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A West Ashley woman says she's alive thanks to a good Samaritan who helped her after she got trapped in her overturned car.

Deanna Turner says last Saturday just after 3:15 a.m. she was driving home on I-526 and planned to get off the Glenn McConnell Parkway exit when she fell asleep at the wheel.

"I hit the guardrail and flew into the air, came down and rolled, and I ended up upside down in the marsh," Turner said.

Andrew Cottingham was driving in the other direction on the interstate when the accident happened.

"I had my window down, listening, just kind of enjoying the weather and I actually heard her hit the guardrail," Cottingham said.

He ran over to Turner's car with his first aid kit and called 911.

"I could see her hand, but I couldn't see her face and I was talking to her. I cut her airbag away," Cottingham said.

"I don't remember talking to him and then he said we prayed," Turner said.

"If anybody was gonna help in that situation I felt like God was somebody that was definitely gonna bring her through it," Cottingham said.

Turner suffered a broken bone in her neck and bruises from the accident.

Later that day she saw photos of her mangled, totaled car.

"I can't believe I lived, that there is a God and I'll always believe there was," Turner said. "And now I'm know, know for sure that I am a walking miracle."

Cottingham says if his car window was up he most likely would not have stopped to help.

"I don't think I would have heard the crash a bit, I don't think I would have ever heard it," Cottingham said.

Wednesday night, Deanna met Cottingham for the first time since her accident.

"He's always gonna be a part of my life no matter where he's at. I know he's moving back to Georgia, but he's always gonna be a part of my life," Turner said.

Deanna says doctors told her she will have to wear a neck brace for the next six weeks and she should fully recover from her injuries.

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