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Lambs for Life celebration held in Hilton Head

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One father celebrated Father's Day a little differently Sunday when he celebrated his son's birthday who lost his life to cancer a few months ago. 

The first birthday celebration for Alex Arrietta, a young boy who lost his life to AML cancer in April, was held at Adventure Cove. They had it here because Alex spent his last night before going to the hospital at this park. 

Alex loved lambs. He said he didn't want anymore presents when the cancer returned. Just lambs to go to other kids battling cancer for comfort.

The fundraiser in his memory is called Lambs for Life. Lego Land heard about Alex's cancer returning for the second time and mailed Alex the first ever lego lamb - Lamby- to his hospital room.

"It couldn't have come at a better time. They were just about to wheel him to the operating room..and he was so scared...and the minute they were about to roll him out - someone showed up with a Fedex package. And it was Lego Lamby," said Brandon Arrieta, Alex's Dad.

His father says having his birthday and this celebration on Father's Day is bittersweet but reminds him how proud he is to have been Alex's dad. 

"It's been the worst possible way to see some of the most beautiful things in this world," said Arrieta.

Beautiful things like people coming together to celebrate the life of Alex Arrieta.

Alex's Dad says the one thing he wanted out of the event is fun. And a big ole birthday celebration for Alex with live music, face painting and a dunk tank. He says this is just the first of many birthday celebrations for Alex to come.

"These are birthday gift bags. We want this to literally be a gigantic birthday party," said Arrieta.

A party that reminds his brother how happy Alex's life was.

"When everyone else should be bringing joy, he was the one that brought joy to himself," said Cotesy Arrieta, Alex's Brother.

One of the booths has Alex's favorite craft - hand waxing. 

"We still have it. He would show people a lot because he loved it..and he would always have it in his hospital room," said Cotesy.

Alex's Dad says if he could say one thing to him on Father's Day for being his dad it's... "Thank you and I miss you."

if you would like to join the mission for their cause to help victims of ALM Cancer - his father says you should join, what they call, their "Lambassador" team. These Lambassadors are all over the country but mostly in Hilton Head. 

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