Design Review Board discussing design plans for hotels, apartment complexes

Design Review Board discussing design plans for hotels, apartment complexes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Design Review Board is meeting to discuss design plans for new development in Charleston.

There are 11 items on the Monday agenda and ten of those items are development plans that include a hotel, apartment complexes, and several retail spaces.

James Island resident Ailyn Griffin says she commutes to West Ashley often to go shopping. She's looking forward to having more shopping options.

"A quick stop after school, grocery store and whatever else comes in...I like it, it's good," Griffin said.

One of projects includes new stores in the Westwood Plaza near Sam Rittenberg Boulvard and Ashley River Road.

An Ulta beauty supply store and a HomeGoods discount home furnishing store could fill the vacant spots next to the T.J. Maxx. There's also a Harris Teeter already in the process of being built in the shopping center.

That developer is also planning to replace the now closed Fazoli's with a different retail space.

Shelia Gianatos supports the new retail opportunities.

"Some people that are low income and don't have the capacity to drive to a store so it's very obvious that they need stores they can walk to and I think that's important," Gianatos said.

One of the big concerns with the growth is traffic.

"The main issue with a lot of people is the traffic situation. It's bumper to bumper wherever you go," Gianatos said.

Some worry that the current road won't support the city's transformation.

"I have this little one and I have to go back home in the traffic. It would be good if the roads were wider," Griffin said.

The board will also discuss design plans for multi-family developments on Main Road, Savannah Highway and Central Park Road.

"The apartments are necessary for people to live in. However they are such a pain for the traffic," Gianatos said.

Some say they are willing to deal with the traffic pain with for more stores, while others say the development needs to slow down.

The Design Review Board is also looking at design plans for a fire station planned for the lot next to the Charleston 9 Firefighter Memorial on Savannah Highway.

The city has worked for more than a year on the design.

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