TAKE A STAND: Why Words Matter

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - We were all shocked by last week's shooting at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia.

And maybe even more shocking is evidence the shooting targeted a specific political party.

Thank goodness for the heroic Capitol Police or this would have been much much worse.

It's still early in the investigation, but there are reports of a possible congressional hit list, and years of hate-filled online and public rhetoric from the gunman.  It's the latest example of how divided we are as a country, and the lengths some people will go to make their voice heard. In this age of the internet and social media, we have access to immediate information, some true, some not so much.

We often get that information through a fire hose, usually without a filter.

Words matter.

How the media uses words matter.

The words our elected leaders use matter.

What we say matters.

It's our right to believe whatever we want, but I hope we find a way to be more civil and less mean-spirited. Debate and difference of opinion is healthy, but not to the point we're running from gunfire on a baseball field.

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