Stall High School students to live stream solar eclipse through NASA project

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of students at Stall High School are getting ready to be part of the launch of a lifetime through a project with NASA.

The students will be live streaming the total solar eclipse when the moon covers the sun in August through the launch of a weather balloon.

On Tuesday, the students practiced the launch at the Joe Riley Stadium where the official launch will take place on Aug. 21.

.A video camera, still camera and GPS tracking device will be attached to the balloon when it's released into the atmosphere near space.

This is all part of NASA's nationwide project to live stream aerial footage of the total solar eclipse.

The live stream has never been done before.

The students practiced the launch Tuesday by filling the four-pound weather balloon with helium.

The balloon will also carry equipment that will measure the atmosphere conditions on the day of the solar eclipse.

There are 55 weather balloon teams from 30 different states that are participating.

The students at Stall High have been working on this project and practicing for the launch since last year, and they've recently been working about 20 hours a week.

There's a team that will send the balloon off in the air, and a ground station team that will receive data from the cameras.

Joseph Manzanarez, a junior at Stall High, is excited about the opportunity.

"I've always been interested in STEM class and being more interested about the world, more involved and hands on learning. This is blowing my mind," he said.

The students have been fundraising to complete these practice launches.

Each weather balloon costs about  $300.

It also takes a full helium tank to fill up each balloon which costs $300 as well.

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