Crimestoppers tip leads to another arrest in murder case

Crimestoppers tip leads to another arrest in murder case

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A judge denied bond Thursday morning for a man accused in a fatal shooting.

Darnell Eddington was arrested by US Marshals at his Adams Run home and charged with the murder Wednesday.

The 30-year-old was wanted in the killing of Kenneth Dent, who was found dead behind a home in May.

Witnesses told investigators that they saw a sawed-off shotgun in Eddington's hands before the shooting and saw Eddington with blood on his shoes coming from the area where the victim was found.

Eddington threatened the witnesses with harm if they told anyone what they saw or heard, CCSO officials said.

Deputies say it was a tip to Crime Stoppers that cracked the case with Eddington.

"Someone that knew him knew that he was wanted a month ago and made the decision call crime stoppers," Coordinator of Crime Stoppers Officer Harry Sosa said.

Sosa said it's always best to do the right thing, and get a reward even if the suspect is dangerous.

"He threatened every witness not to tell... he'll never know who did it because it could be the witnesses he was threatening or it could have been the family members that the witnesses told. He will never know who did it, so if he decides to hurt someone or decides to go after somebody, he's just making an educated guess. He has no idea," Sosa said.

Eddington will never find out who called in, or anyone else, because every tip is 100 percent anonymous, with a technology that makes you untraceable.

"The software we use makes the call go into another country, it strips all that information out and then it comes back to the United States. The call tracker will start talking to you but there are no electronic fingerprints," Sosa said.

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