Car chase in North Charleston ends with crash into home

Car chase in North Charleston ends with crash into home

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston Police officers were involved in a brief car chase following an attempted traffic stop, North Charleston Police Department spokesperson Spencer Pryor confirms.

According to an incident report, the suspect, Deandre Broughton, initially pulled over for police on Rebecca Street because he had illegally tinted windows.

Officers attempted to gather information for the vehicle, and Broughton handed them a car title, which wasn't filled out, and stated he bought the car from a third party.

Broughton also did not have insurance on the car.

Broughton showed officers more car info on his phone and they reported seeing his hands shaking.

When asked if he had any weapons or drugs in the car, Broughton reportedly said no. He reportedly refused a search of his vehicle.

Officers asked him to step out of the car and Broughton reportedly put his car in drive and sped off.

Officers chased Broughton to the 2000 block of Van Buren Avenue, where Broughton reportedly crashed into an apartment building.

Broughton then exited the vehicle, carrying what police say was a white plastic bag in his hand, and ran towards a nearby fence.

Broughton attempted to climb the fence, swinging his arm back in what police say was in the direction of the officer's face.

In response to this, the officer pulled out his Taser and shot at his back, causing Broughton to fall to the ground, where he was detained and arrested.

Broughton denied medical attention.

The plastic bag that Broughton was carrying is said to have contained three smaller plastic bags carrying, a combined 260 grams of cocaine.

Police also found $330 in cash in and around the car.

Broughton also told police there were more drugs in his sock. Police searched him and found another plastic bag, containing one gram of cocaine.

No injuries have been reported.

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