National Action Network calling for community to help get guns off the street

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The National Action Network on Wednesday called on the community to help get guns off the streets.

NAN members and members from other organizations held a press conference proposing options in an effort to reduce gun violence.

At a hastily called news conference, NAN Tri-County President Charles Tyler said law enforcement is not doing enough to find out where the guns are coming from.

He also calls for the community to get more engaged in the efforts to take the guns out of the community.

"I'm asking mothers and fathers," Tyler says. "Check your young man's room and find out where he's getting these guns."

Pastor Thomas Dixon of the organization The Coalition said legislation needs to be passed to ensure people who shouldn't have guns don't get them.

Tyler called the 21 murders in North Charleston this year "unreal."

NAN members said churches and communities have to work together to stop the gun violence.

NAN members also said "bad apple gun dealers" that illegally sell guns have to get shut down.

Dixon said he is organizing statewide forums to address the violence.

He said the first forum is planned for July 15 in Myrtle Beach.

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