Friend speaks after man dies after bar fight on Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - The friend of a man who died after a bar fight on Folly Beach spoke out after the incident which happened at The Drop-In.

Anthony Greeno said it happened on his 55th birthday.

"He's a really nice guy, this was his first time to Folly Beach," Greeno said."He's just always really happy. We were just hanging out here all night drinking. I just think he got involved in the wrong thing at the wrong moment."

As the pair stepped outside of the bar, he said his friend "Mike" got into an argument.

"He probably had more than average to drink but he wasn't falling over or belligerent. He had a squabble with one person and that happens all the time," Greeno said. "They both threw a few punches. That was it. There was nothing that happened during that fight that would've killed him."

Folly Beach police responded to 32 Center Street in front of Planet Follywood and The Drop-In.

"It appeared to be a random act," Folly Beach Public Safety Director Andrew Gilreath said. "What's being reported is by witnesses is that the descendent is actually the aggressor in the situation."

"Police were talking to him and he just dropped," Greeno said.

Police then took the man into custody.

They reported having no issues in the arrest.

"They put him in the car and then got him out once they realized there was a real problem," Greeno explained. "It looks like he had a heart attack. I've seen someone have a heart attack, I don't know but, based on the way he was acting, he was sweating really bad."

"The officers on scene immediately began CPR and notified EMS," Gilreath said. "He was loaded in the ambulance and transported to MUSC where he later died."

"Still can't really believe that it happened," Greeno said.

He explained this was Mike's first trip to Folly Beach.

"You're a good man, a good soul. I'm happy you were having a great time last night," Greeno said. "You said this was the greatest place on earth, so I'm glad this is where you went. He came here and the last thing he said to me before the argument was that this is the greatest place on earth. That was it. That's the last thing that we said to each other."

The Charleston County Coroner is performing an autopsy to determine the man's exact cause of death.

His full name will not be confirmed and/or released by police until the next of kin has been notified.

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