Three guns taken off streets after mayor appeals for end to gun violence

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston Police took three guns off the streets and made three arrests just a few hours after the city's mayor went on Facebook to address gun violence.

Mayor Keith Summey says so far this year, 137 illegal guns have been taken off the streets, more than this time last year and in 2015.

"We're averaging a gun every 36 hours, a gun arrest every 36 hours," Summey said Friday.

The latest gun arrests happened over a three hour period late Thursday night and early Friday

Three men were taken into custody in three separate incidents.

In one case, officers say a gun was tossed in a trash can, with live ammo found in the suspect's pants.

In the second incident, police say the suspect had a gun in the car, loaded with 12 bullets and one round in the chamber.

In the third case, cops say the suspect threw a gun out of a car window that was found in the roadway with live rounds of ammo.

Summey wants to know where these guns are coming from.

"I have no idea, but somebody knows," Summey said.

The mayor says 25 percent of the guns that are seized were stolen.

He says youngsters are making money by selling them.

"I tell parents all the time when I go to civic meetings, if you got a kid that's not working and they got cash on them all the time, c'mon," Summey said. "It's best if your child spends two years in prison than a lifetime dead."

The mayor says gun violence is the reason for the rising murder rate in the city.

"We're up to 21. We're gonna set a record. That's the kind of record we don't want to set," the mayor said.

Summey insists the gun violence won't go down until the community gets involved and speaks up.

"The next person that's killed could be your family member or my family member. We've got to get together and say enough is enough," Summey said.

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