People living in South Carolina prepare for new gas tax, starting July 1

People living in South Carolina prepare for new gas tax, starting July 1

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Saturday morning South Carolinians will wake up to a new gas tax.

Starting July 1, the South Carolina gas tax will take effect, and you're going to notice at the pump, DMV, and when purchasing a new car.

The DMV will now charge a $250 infrastructure maintenance fee for people who are registering a vehicle from out of state, that money will go towards road funding.

This will be in addition to the biannual registration fee, which will change from $24 to $40 for in-state residents on January 1st.

South Carolina residents who purchase a new vehicle will also have a infrastructure maintenance fee of 5% of the vehicles sales price, but no more than $500. This replaces the sales tax.

The gas tax will also be in place at the pump, with the gas tax going up two cents starting July 1st. The tax will continue to increase over the next six years by two cents.

One day ahead of the new tax going into effect, lines were long at the DMV as people tried to avoid paying the $250 fee.

"It's kind of a shock," one new South Carolina resident said. "$250 isn't going to be fun to spend on a new license especially when I purchased a new car yesterday," the new resident said.

In data released by DOT, around $800 million in additional revenue will be raised by the increase in the state's gas tax by 2024. 

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