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2-foot alligator reportedly 'rained down' in Charleston in 1843, newspaper reports

Source: Caryn Coons Source: Caryn Coons
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A clipping from a New Orleans newspaper, which dates back to the 1800s, reports that an alligator fell from the sky in a South Carolina thunderstorm. 

According to this ancestry article, a storm touched down on July 2, 1843 and brought more than just gusty winds and heavy rainfall. The article states that "residents of Charleston, South Carolina, came face to teeth with an alligator standing on the corner of Wentworth and Anson..."

Today, the corner of Wentworth and Anson Streets are lined with palm trees on the east side of Charleston near the French Quarter, according to the ancestry blog. 

The National Weather Service listed the incident on their local weather history page for Charleston Sunday. 

The alligator was two-feet long, according to the newspaper clipping. 

"We have not been lucky enough to find anyone who saw him come down - but the important fact that he was there is incontestible - and as he couldn't have got there any other way, it was decided unanimously that he rained down," the newspaper stated. 

According to the newspaper, "the beast had a look of wonder and bewilderment about him, that showed plainly enough he must have gone through a remarkable experience."

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