Charleston Animal Society offers 'pet amnesty' for week after July 4

Charleston Animal Society offers 'pet amnesty' for week after July 4

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society will give people the chance to reclaim lost pets without fees the week after July 4.

The shelter is offering "Pet Amnesty" from Wednesday through July 12, spokesperson Kay Hyman said.

"By far, we see more pets turn up missing right after the Fourth of July than any other time of year," Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore said. "We urge people to keep your pets inside and always have them on leashes because of fireworks that will be going off around the holiday."

If Your Pet is Lost:

  • Immediately search your neighborhood.
  • Put up signs with a picture of your pet, his or her name and other important information.
  • Post a picture and information about your pet’s last known whereabouts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Visit Charleston Animal Society at 2455 Remount Road in North Charleston to see if your pet has been picked up by animal control or another member of the public and brought to the shelter.

Hyman says pets should be left at home when you head out to see fireworks and if you ignite fireworks at your home, you should make sure your pets are inside.

Another popular item used during Fourth of July events, "glow jewelry," can also present a hazard for pets, she said. The luminescent substance in the products is not highly toxic, but an animal that ingests it could suffer excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation. There is also the risk of intestinal blockage.

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