James Island residents concerned after drivers break new traffic rule

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Some residents on James Island are concerned because drivers are breaking a new traffic rule.

North Shore Drive onto Harbor View Road is now right turn only as of March 29.

It was part of the Harbor View Road improvements that were recently completed by the county to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.

Susan Manchester has lived near Harbor View Drive for 21 years. She's pleased with the road improvements.

"Overall the traffic patterns have improved tremendously," Manchester said.

It's the actions of some drivers that have her concerned.

"People are coming down North Shore and making a left onto Harbor View which is illegal," Manchester said.

Prior to the traffic rule drivers could turn left. There's a curve in the road leading up to the intersection.

"It was very dangerous, people weren't letting people out or people were stopping in the middle of Harbor View during rush hour traffic and almost had rear-end collisions because of it," Manchester said.

Charleston County officials say they received complaints about people still making left turns after the improvements. The county came back out to place white delineators, that look like plastic sticks with reflectors on them, to further encourage people to keep to the right. The delineators create a short barrier between the lanes.

"People have seemed to ignored them," Manchester said.

Others in the nearby neighborhood say they see people taking left turns all the time, including large trucks.

There were at least five car accidents in the general area last year according to Charleston Police. It's not clear what caused those accidents.

"I would hate to see anyone killed there," Manchester said.

Drivers also can't make a left turn onto that portion of North Shore Drive. There are other surrounding streets where drivers can make the left turn onto Harbor View Drive.

Manchester suggests that an extended concrete barrier could keep people from making the left turn.

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